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Entrepreneurial Selling

The best salespeople I have met over the years have some common DNA…an entrepreneurial spirit and/or mindset.

If you extend that mindset to sales it would be all about ownership, engagement, and passion! Salespeople need to take ownership of their territory and/or book of business. They must establish a territory strategy as a subset of the overall business/company strategy. They should set aggressive growth goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. They need to create milestones, trigger points and contingency plans to help them get back on track if they get off course.

Entrepreneurial salespeople who act like they “own the business” are more engaged, more accountable and take responsibility for delivering positive results. They always find a way to create value for their customers (both internal and external). As a result, they will increase the size/quality of their pipelines, improve their close rates, increase their average order size, grow their book of business, and ultimately make more money for themselves and their company!

  • Where Salespeople Struggle
  • Think Like An Owner
  • The Stealth Entrepreneur
  • The First Steps
  • The Advantages of Virtual Selling
  • Self Awareness and Confidence
  • Milestones and Contingencies
  • Look At Your Company As The Bank
  • Have The Right Mindset
  • Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur
  • Adapt, Change and Strategize
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed