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Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral interviewing is a technique based on the fact that a salesperson’s past and present behavior is the best predictor of how he or she will behave in the future.

But behavioral traits don't appear on a resume… they can only come from an interview. Furthermore, interviewers need to obtain repeated examples of behavior to confirm that they really exist.

By using past experience an interviewer can better predict future behavior by eliminating misunderstandings, preventing the “halo effect” while reducing the salesperson’s ability to mislead

Interviews not based on exploring competencies inevitably focus exclusively on education, experience, and knowledge (exactly the information that's already on the resume). While these are clearly important, they only reveal what a candidate said that they did. Behavioral interviewing helps get at the "how" and "why" behind a salesperson’s performance and what he or she is likely to do in the future.
  • A Bad Hire Story
  • What Is Behavioral Interviewing?
  • What Are Some Behavioral Interviewing Questions?
  • Setting The Stage
  • Importance of Uncovering Weaknesses
  • Group Interviewing
  • Good Interviewee vs Good Employee
  • Common Mistakes When Interviewing
  • Assigning Homework
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