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Onboarding Yourself

Interviewing over 1,000 salespeople and Sales Leaders from a variety of industries all over the globe I was surprised to learn that most organizations did not have a formal, on-boarding program in writing. Every interviewee told me that had they had a standardized on-boarding program it would have shortened their ramp time to productivity and sales leaders interviewed said it would have reduced turnover of their new hires!

If you are a salesperson and your company has a good on-boarding process…great! If not, let me help you on-board yourself!

  • An Introduction to Onboarding Yourself
  • The Importance of Onboarding
  • SFA and CRM Systems
  • Sales Training
  • Orientation
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Marketing
  • Knowing Your Competition
  • Internal Networking
  • How Does Onboarding Impact Sales?
  • Grasping Your Company's Vision
  • Cross Functional Training
  • Compensation
  • Building Trust
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed