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Virtual Sales in the Pandemic

We are living in an unprecedented moment of our lives. The obstacles to seeing success and growth during this time seem to be everywhere. Through these videos designed especially for this uncertain season we’re facing, John Boyens, nationally known sales expert with thirty years of experience, walks you through pandemic-related topics that will equip and ready you for your well-being and your success in sales.
  • Priorities
  • Why This Series
  • How to be Productive At Home
  • Some Hope In the Pandemic
  • Perfection vs Progress
  • What Leadership Should Do
  • Objections During Pandemic
  • Next Steps for Sales People
  • Change in KPIs
  • Needed Adjustments for Sales People
  • Message for C Suite
  • Where Does Passion Come From?
  • How To Be Delicate
  • Hopeful Perspective
  • Handling Technical Difficulties
  • Email Etiquette
  • Determining Key Issues
  • New Objections
  • Business as Usual
  • BU - An Asset To Your Current Team
  • Adjusting How You Sell
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